• Weight: 13kgs (use with Single Springs only)
      • Lift Range: 73cm
      • Payload: 8 – 20kgs

Can be mounted to a:

      • 48-51mm single pipe
      • Mitchell base

Can be use both in underslung or overslung mode.

Great for use with R2 gimbal in different scenarios:

Tracking vehicles

Rickshaw dolly

Dolly on wheels

Jib arm on a moving vehicle



      • Length with handle tilted 45 degrees: 63.0 inches/ 160cm
      • Width with main wheels (spoke wheels): 29.5 inches/ 75cm
      • Width with fat wheels: 39.4 inches/ 100cm
      • Height with handle tilted 45 degrees: 35.4 inches/ 90cm
      • Ground Clearance: 3.5 or 5.5 inches/ 9 or 14cm
      • Seat Height (Min – Max): 15.3 – 25.2 inches/ 39 – 64cm
      • Cheese Plate: 29×22 inches/ 74×56 cm
      • Caster Wheel: 10 inches/ 25.4cm
      • Main Wheel (Spoke Wheel) diameter: 21 inches/ 54cm
      • Fat Wheel (Optional accessories) diameter: 18 inches/ 45cm
      • Maximum Payload: 330lbs/ 150kgs

You can use Raptor Rickshaw in many shots such as:

      • Rickshaw x Handheld shot (Standing operator or camera operator can sit down and take the shot)
      • Working with gimbal
      • Working with Steadicam operator
      • Or working with Shock absorbing arm
      • You also work with Bazooka, custom rigs… and more

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