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Wireless Intercom system

Wireless Intercom system

We have two systems:

5x Headset System  

8x Headset System with HUB

Eartec UltraLITE Affordable Wireless Talkback Systems are essential for providing communication between members of any production team (video, event, sports, …). Full duplex talkback communication provides interference-free, two-way communication between all team members, with the added benefit of a system being hands free. 

  • Full-duplex / simultaneous talk wireless communication
  • No license, base station, wires or beltpacks required
  • Simple operation – just turn the headset “ON” and talk
  • Range up to 300 meters (open air line of sight – remotes from the master)
  • Microphone Boom
    • Swivels 270 degrees
    • Single ear headset
    • Auto mute – when microphone is in the UP position
  • Light and comfortable
  • Long battery life

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