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Scanner Crane

Scanner Crane


– Lightweight and easy to transport – Very quick setup time – Can be mounted to any Euro mount base – Great in combination with Ronin R2 – gimbal or other small heads – The arm reach can be adjusted in 1 minute

The arm is a super lightweight telescopic arm with adjustable lengths ranging from 375 cm (12.5 ft) to 525 cm (17.5 ft.) The parallel bars are positioned on the sides of the arm which improves the sleek shape of the crane.
Type: Remote
Arm reach: 395 – 525 cm
Operational length: 550 – 700 cm
Maximum height: 630 cm (with R2 mounted overslung 730cm lens height)
Minimum height: -240 cm
Maximum load: 25 kg
Scanner Crane
Complete Crane system with Jib Arm mounted on a Scanner Dolly Base.
Scanner Remote head
Non stabilized Pan&Tilt remote head which allows you to operate both the crane and the head as a single operator. Max load 15kg

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