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Ronin R2 Gimbal (complete ecosystem)

Ronin R2 Gimbal (complete ecosystem)

Complete DJI Ronin 2 system equipped with the latest accessories, can accept Alexa 35, Sony Venice 2, Alexa Mini LF, etc., with a wide variety of cinema lenses.

The Ronin packages are rented out exclusively with our technician or operator.

We offer a complete ecosystem around Ronin 2 gimbal. Anything from:

Remote controls:
-Force Pro
-Master Wheels

Gimbal supports:
-Ready Rig
– Walter Klassen Slingshot
– Exovest
-Tilta Armor Man

Intercom system

Vibration isolators for overslung and underslung application.

Vertical isolator Raptor Z Pro

Rickshaw dolly, jib, crane…

can also be RENTED FROM US!

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