Vibration isolator for Ronin 2 (Mitchell mount)

600,00  excl. VAT

Complete vibration isolator for DJI Ronin 2.

Equipped with Mitchell mount and Ronin 2 quick release adapter.

Ideal for mounting Ronin 2 on a Crane, Dolly or Moving vehicle (using additional shock absorber like Black Arm is recommended) can be used well only in underslung mode.

Option including a waterproof heavy duty transport case is also available.

Wrench for mitchell nut is included.

This items is available for shipping in 5-7days from order.

Type C Vibration isolator made for Ronin 2 gimbal. Specially made for Drone and Ronin 2 combination (you can request one) but many users like and use the version with mitchell mount on a crane, moving vehicle, motocrane.

It has soft  damping characteristics, works as a perfect vibration isolator, damper when using a Ronin2 on a Drone or Movin vehicle (vertical isolator must be used), also suitable for Crane, Dolly, Motocrane application but you need to consider it’s softness compared to the type D.

  • can be used with drone(special version),dolly, crane, vertical isolator arms, motocrane
  • perfectly works  only in underslung  mode
  • ideal weight load 10-14kg (for higher loads than 15kg consider the Type D option)
  • autotune function of gimbals works very well with the damper
  • user centered design
  • reduces the susceptibility to self-oscillation
  • d=200mm, h=~40/60mm



Damperzen is a Hungarian company which makes professional dampers (vibration isolators) for gimbals, sensors, and other equipment from an idea to a finished product. To mount the gimbal on a platform in motion one needs a gimbal damper. Gimbal dampers vibration isolators protects the gimbal from vibrations, structure-borne noise and shocks, it gives smoothness to the footage. In our products we use a unique version of the general wire rope isolator specially developed by us. Handcrafted in EU (Budapest, Hungary).
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