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Vibration isolator for Freefly Movi (Mitchell mount)

550,00  excl. VAT

Complete vibration isolator for Freefly Movi Pro and M15.

Equipped with Mitchell mount and Toad Male adapter.

Ideal for mounting Movi Pro on a Crane, Dolly, Moving vehicle,Drones can be used both in underslung and overslung mode.

This items is available for shipping in 5-7days from order.

Damperzen’s Type C vibration isolator a state of the art wire rope construction, attractive design with excellent damping characteristic. It is a light, highly efficient damper developed for drones. Compared to the widespread rubber vibration reduction systems, this provides a much better performance on helicams.

  • load capacity 8-16kg
  • perfect for drone, cable cam, crane, dolly
  • can be set for under or overslung
  • optimally in a wide range of weights
  • significantly increases the wind resistance ability of the system
  • reduces the susceptibility to self-oscillation
  • is not an ad-hoc product, designed properly to eliminate the 50-300 Hz vibrations
  • d=200mm, h=~40/60mm





Damperzen is a Hungarian company which makes professional dampers (vibration isolators) for gimbals, sensors, and other equipment from an idea to a finished product. To mount the gimbal on a platform in motion one needs a gimbal damper. Gimbal dampers vibration isolators protects the gimbal from vibrations, structure-borne noise and shocks, it gives smoothness to the footage. In our products we use a unique version of the general wire rope isolator specially developed by us. Handcrafted in EU (Budapest, Hungary).
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