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SmallHD 1303Cine monitor mounting block

80,00  excl. VAT

Mounting bracket for SmallHD 1303Cine monitors.

Features 3/8″ arri pin and 1/4 holes on 4 sides.

Easy to install, gives you great flexibility with accessories mounting.

High grade aluminium, black anodized.

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Mounting bracket for SmallHD 1303Cine monitor features multiple Arri pin 3/8″ and 1/4″ mounting holes on 4sides which allows you to optionally mount any extra accessories on your monitor.

Even with the bracket on, the monitor can easily sit on the avenger combo type stand.

Precisely machined from high grade aluminium, black anodized, comes with 2pcs of  4mm mounting screws.

Compatible with the original monitor legs.




Cineworker is a brand name established by an engineer and film industry worker Boris Kopilovic with an aim, not just to provide professional on set service to production companies, but also to provide high quality solutions for industry workers, equipment owners and rental houses in terms of custom made products which make their everyday work easier.
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