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D-tap splitter for Ronin 2 and Master Wheels

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D-tap splitter designed for professional film industry on set use primarily for DJI Ronin 2 and Master Wheels.

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D-tap splitter designed for professional film industry on set use.

The housing is made from aluminium which makes it tough, durable, and very secure.

It has 3x D-tap outputs which are connected with a PCB board minimizing the option of short circuit failure. The board is bolted and sealed in an aluminium housing.

A good quality flexible cable with a best quality 4+2 Lemo connector at the end is featuring this unit. Which makes it usable With Ronin 2 gimbal or DJI Master Wheels for powering additional accessories through D-tap connectors.

The unit has two hex screws which help fixing the splitter to a location on a camera cage.

1/4″ screw great for any cage, and 3mm screw perfect for Arri Camera cages. Thanks to smart screw thread design there is always an option of putting Dual lock on the bottom without taking out the screws.

This splitter is tested and totally useable in professional industry environment.

There is a standard cable length of 25cm, but it can be made with a longer cable too.

It comes in three colours RED and BLUE or BLACK and it’s made on a request.

If you want a special colour or special cable length, leading time is 1-2weeks.



Cineworker is a brand name established by an engineer and film industry worker Boris Kopilovic with an aim, not just to provide professional on set service to production companies, but also to provide high quality solutions for industry workers, equipment owners and rental houses in terms of custom made products which make their everyday work easier.
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