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Side plate for ARRI Alexa Mini & Mini LF – 2pcs ( laser etched)

340,00  excl. VAT

This is a special offer!!! Get TWO laser etch plates with your custom laser etch graphic.

The price is for 2pcs of plates exactly the ones with A and B camera laser etching. The will be shipped immediately after purchase!!!

You can ask for custom laser etching, so any logo, picture by your wish is going to be laser etch to those two plates you order. (the final design of a wanted graphic should be sent to us, we can’t modify it). In this case the shipping time is 2 weeks after the order.

Availability: Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

Cineworker’s Side Plate for Alexa is a plate that can be mounted to Alexa Mini and Alexa Mini LF cameras with Arri MAP-1, MAP-2 or MAP-2A plates on them, giving you the low profile assistant’s side mounting options for additional accessories.

What is more is is a nice looking accessories on the camera following the lines of the camera body.

The plate is extremely lightweight featuring a lot of 3/8″ and 1/4″ holes.

Including an Arri standard stainless steel rosette mount for mounting handheld rig.



Cineworker is a brand name established by an engineer and film industry worker Boris Kopilovic with an aim, not just to provide professional on set service to production companies, but also to provide high quality solutions for industry workers, equipment owners and rental houses in terms of custom made products which make their everyday work easier.
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