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Roll Rig 2 by Movcam

3990,00  excl. VAT

Complete Roll Rig 2 set from Movcam.

Additional Ronin 2 and Stabilized head kit available on request.

Get in touch with us to specify your needs if you have a special requests.

We are not just a resellers of Movcam, but we also provide spare parts,service and support for our customers.

Available in 2-3weeks.



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Roll Rig II is a device developed by Chinese company Movcam with an aim to keep the camera perfectly levelled in any shooting situation or to use it as a 4th axis for unlimited roll.

  • It can be used on top of the steadicam sled, and that way it provides you a perfect level no matter in what position is your sled.
  • It can be used on various stabilized heads to act as a 4th axis, that means you’ll get unlimited roll on a push of a button.
  • It can be used on a tripod or dolly to achieve perfectly centered unlimited roll.
  • It can be used in handheld mode, to keep the roll in level or to achieve unlimited roll.
  • And definitely some more situations to explore…


If using original camera mounting plates, all the cameras will be optically centred.

Currently the adapter plates for the following cameras are available:

  • Arri Alexa Mini and Mini LF – included in the Basic Kit
  • Arri Alexa 35
  • Sony Venice 1 and Venice 2
  • Red Komodo
  • Red Raptor
  • Sony F55
  • Kinefinity Mavo Edge
  • Kinefinity Mavo LF

There are some new to come soon, also please free to send requests.

Main features of the Roll Rig II:

Keep the Horizon mode – no mater how you turn it, it always keeps the camera in level

Unlimited Roll – you can do unlimited Roll in both directions on a push of a button

Limits – You can set your A and B limit

Finish in level – You can finish any roll sequence with the camera perfectly in level, not using the limits

Lock – You can lock the ring in any position


The Roll Rig Basic Set consists of the following parts:

  1. Roll Rig
  2. Alexa Mini/Mini LF plates
  3. Short back extension
  4. Battery plate with quick release sliding system
  5. Main mounting bracket
  6. Side mounting brackets for weights x2
  7. Motor
  8. Motor to Roll Rig cable – straight-straight
  9. Motor to Roll Rig cable – straight- angled
  10. Roll Rig power cable – 6pin to D-tap – 2pcs
  11. Roll Rig Remote controller (excl. Battery)
  12. 4x Medium sized flat weights
  13. 4x Small sized weight
  14. 2x short 15mm rods

If you would like to use it on a Ronin 2 or other similar stabilized head where support from the top is needed, you’ll likely need the:

Ronin 2 and Stabilized head kit – allows you to change the position of the motor from top to side and have an ability to screw in the top support on stabilized heads.

-Main mounting bracket (modified)

-Top mounting bracket with sliding mechanism

-Ronin 2 to Roll Rig power cable – 4+2pin connector (Ronin connector) to Movcam 6pin

-Movcam 6pin connector and cable with open end

Adittionaly available:

  1. Various camera mounting plates – need to be ordered separately (only Mini/Mini LF plates are in the Basic package)
  2. Iris motor adapter – allows you to use the Iris motor with the roll rig (currently in development for Movcam and Arri Cforce motors)

Why to buy from us?

We are not just resellers for Movcam, we have strong cooperation with them developing this system, and we will provide technical and service support for every our customer. We are also the users of these units on set, with years of experience in camera operating, stabilized heads and gimbals, so we can easily understand each other and help you with finding the best solution to achieve the perfect shot.

Shipping Weight 5000 g



Movcam is a prominent company in the filmmaking and cinematography industry, known for designing and manufacturing high-quality camera support equipment and stabilizers. Established in China, Movcam has gained a solid reputation globally for its innovative products that cater to both professional filmmakers and videographers. Movcam is dedicated to providing excellent customer support, offering technical assistance, and ensuring customer satisfaction through reliable service and warranty programs.
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