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Raptor Rickshaw 3 by Custom Easy


We don’t just sell the Custom Easy products, we actually own and use them, so if you are unsure that the Custom Easy products will fulfil your need, you can even have look, test them in our warehouse in Budapest,Hungary before ordering them.  Get in touch with us for more details.

We offer a Raptor Rickshaw in all possible configurations.

NOTE: You can always upgrade the Rickshaw to a Raptor Trike.

We offer the Raptor Rickshaw 3 in all possible configurations.

The Basic set is visible on the main picture and the selectable extras are:

1. Extension Handle (To run fast smoother and easier)

2. Fat Wheels (To run smoother on rough terrain)

3. Seat with back support (To save the shooter falling backwards and make him comfortable)

4. Universal Mounting kit (To install arm or steadicam via hard mount)

5. 2-inch spacer (To adjust the height of caster wheels in low mode)

6. Rickshaw transport case (To protect all equipment when travelling)

7. Track Wheels (To use the rickshaw on dolly track)

8. Track Wheels offset (To be able to put the rickshaw sideways onto a dolly track)

9. Narrow Plate (To be able to go through any door, and use in narrow spaces, makes the rickshaw 62cm wide)




Custom Easy

Establish in March 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Custom Easy aims to bring mechanical cinema rigs with high-quality products, meeting today’s harsh shooting needs but at an affordable price. With a staff of young, dynamic but many years of experience in the field of film making and custom manufacturing of filming equipment in Vietnam, Custom Easy has developed rapidly in less than two years with products that create Brand imprints on the global grips market.
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