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Multifunctional 4’x4′ foldable frame


Foldable frames for attaching different diffusion/blocking/reflecting materials.
Made from 20x20mm aluminium tubes with 16mm (5/8″) grip pin.
Very precise and neat welding, clean finish.

Diffusion and Floppy cloths available for these frames too.

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This multifunctional foldable frame was designed by film industry professionals to be used in an everyday shooting environment. It gives you the ability to store, transport and deliver 4×4 frames in situations where you are limited with space, time or resources.

It’s also great for small and medium sized production projects where you have very little resources to spend on light modifiers, or limited with a space during transport.

This frame is easy to transport when folded, can fit in any car, it’s heavy duty, no plastic or any easily breakable parts. When assembled it can be transported as usual 4×4 frames, can fit onto a frame cart etc.

The assembly of the frame takes less than 2 minutes (including putting on the material).

We offer floppy and quiet grid diffusion materials in addition to the frames, sewed and ready to mount. But you can also make your own materials if wanted or ask for some on special request so we can make it for you.

For special orders there is an option of logo engraving into the frame.

This frame can be used with various materials which are quickly changeable, so with one frame you can have a lot of option. Using it as a floppy, diffusion frame or even putting on gels.


  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Acts as a regular 4×4 frame when assembled (high stiffness)
  • Easy to manipulate (classic 16mm gripping point)
  • Easy to transport, can fit in any passenger car.
  • One man can bring multiple frames and materials in one hand
  • Multiple materials can be used (floppy, diffusion, gels)
  • Very small space required for storing when disassembled
  • Precisely machined assembly points for maximum stiffness and quick assembly
  • Seamless assembly point (no sharp edges, no gaps, no holes)
  • Nut stopper (keeps your nuts falling off from vibrations during transport)
  • Made from lightweight but strong aluminum (20x20mm square tubes)
  • With our custom sewed materials, you can easily make a Floppy or diffusion frame.
  • Equiped with two Ezties for fast and secure packing

Fabric options:

All our cloths come in a good quality bag.

  • Floppy cloth is made from 320g flame resistant matt black fabric, equipped with all hooks and loops, velcros to be easily and securely mounted on a frame.
  • Diffusion materials are made from LEE Filters or Rosco fabrics (quiet grid or grid).

Currently available options:

  • Quiet grid 460, 462, 464
  • Grid 430, 432



Cineworker is a brand name established by an engineer and film industry worker Boris Kopilovic with an aim, not just to provide professional on set service to production companies, but also to provide high quality solutions for industry workers, equipment owners and rental houses in terms of custom made products which make their everyday work easier.
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