Lentequip Ronin 2 24V power output kit

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Need to power the newer 24 Volt cameras from your Ronin 2 cage? This Lentequip’s Do It Yourself kit is the best solution for you!  If you can use a screwdriver you can install this upgrade.  NO Soldering  required!

Power cables can be made on request, but also the generic ones will be available soon in our shop.

The kits are shipped from Budapest, Hungary.


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Do It Yourself kit to make your Ronin 2 useable with 24V cameras like Alexa 35, Red V-Raptor XL, Arri 435, and Arri 416.

This Kit allows you to easily upgrade your Ronin 2 to have 24V output and it’s fully reversible as it will not make any permanent changes on your Ronin 2 electronics.

Installation tutorial will be sent you with the Kit, but you can also contact us in case you have any questions.

We also have this kit installed on one of our Ronin 2 gimbals.




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